XXL Tester Kit: a sample of all our products!

XXL Tester Kit: a sample of all our products!

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This is our online store special and limited time offer. Free shipping with this special Skin Kit!

Our XXL Tester Kit contains a small container of all of our products!  Ointment (1 x 15 g), all 5 of our bark extract creams (15 g each of regular (unscented) cream and the scented creams with addition of lemongrass, sweet grass, sweet birch and lavender)  and a bar soap (1x 30 g). A total value of $95.65 for only $85.95 -10% off and shipping included. 

We assembled this XXL tester kit for our customers who are interested in testing our products on their skin and who cannot decide what product they want. They love all our scents and don't want to pick just one! And this special is for them to have it all! 

The extra strength ointment has high concentration of the bark extract. This is for acute skin issues for immediate application - but you only need a small amount applied thinly to your skin. You feel the intensity of the extract with the campfire odour.

The five bark extract creams are formulated for everyday use and each of them works the same as they all have the same amount of birch bark extract. And, you only need a small amount applied thinly. With the regular cream you can feel and smell the goodness of the bark extract with the campfire odour. Some customers want the regular cream as they want "unscented" without any further additives - this regular cream is exactly for them! The scented creams with additional sweet grass, sweet birch, lavender and lemongrass are for a great fragrance experience and yet the tiny hint of campfire. Lavender is a favourite with a soothing note. Lemongrass provides positive freshness. Sweet grass is used in Mi'kmaq medicine and has a sweet calming note - just beautiful and soothing. Sweet birch gets the most surprised response: a pepperminty-like scent that is invigorating yet calming. We added all of these  products as customers really enjoy them and cannot decide which one to get as all of them are so good. And customers with severe skin issues also enjoy them once they tested the products and see how it feels.

The bark extract infused soap is for cleansing of the skin. Wash your skin once or twice daily and let the extract sink into the skin. We found that the combination of cream and soap is best - this also aligns with stories from Mi'kmaq Elders to have a salve and washing of the skin.

"Maskwiomin's bark extract changed my life! I was only washing my skin with water for decades as my skin is so sensitive and breaks out every time. Look at me know, I am now even using scented creams on me. Never thought I could do this. I love it! And my skin has not itched and has been great than every before." enthusiastic endorsement of a customer in her early 50'ies.

How long will the products in this XXL tester kit last? is a common customer question. Of course, it depends on size of skin area and how often the products are applied. We typically see that this kit lasts about 3 to 4 months... and then customers come back for larger sizes to get their own favourite scent as they first hand see how our products help them.

And please let us know how our products help your skin. Follow us on Instagram (@maskwiomin) and facebook.com/birchbarkextract for more information and great new deals.