Our Story


Mi’kmaq people have occupied their traditional territory, Mi’gma’gi, for more than 10,000 years.


During that time, Mi’kmaq people developed and evolved many traditional remedies and medicines. Maskwiomin – an oil extract produced from sustainably-harvested Birch bark – is one of those traditional Mi’kmaq remedies.


The Mi’kmaq used it successfully for decades for skin conditions.


Maskwiomin is now being manufactured sustainably and locally in Unama’ki, on Cape Breton Island.


Originally made over a campfire, Maskwiomin uses an innovative extractor that produces pure birch bark oil. This oil is used to infuse high-quality traditional products:  


  • soaps
  • skin creams
  • shampoos
  • shower gels


These products have proven to be remarkably effective in improving stubborn skin conditions. Testimonials from users praise this traditional remedy. Customers describe how these products alleviate their skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, rashes, diabetic feet, acne and sensitive skin) almost immediately.


Beyond its effectiveness, they like it because it works, because it has been used for centuries and because it is sustainably produced by a local Indigenous-owned company.



Respect for traditional knowledge and engaging Elders and knowledge keepers in the ethical commercialization of Maskwiomin has been a foundational value of the company.


Innovation and Natural Ingredients

Approved for cosmetic use by Health Canada and for sale in Canada, the United States and the European Union, Maskwiomin uses naturally sourced birch bark as its primary ingredient.


Company co-founders are committed to ongoing research to continue to evolve and innovate new uses for this traditional remedy. This research relies on feedback from customers.