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Birch Bark Medicinal Properties

Why it works

For thousands of years, traditional Mi’kmaq knowledge-holders knew the world around them contained solutions for all their needs—including skincare. Birch bark extract is a time-honoured Mi'kmaq skincare and beauty best-kept-secret fabled for its antibiotic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-itch properties. Maskwiomin combines this traditional wisdom with cutting-edge skincare scientific processes and clean ingredients to create products guaranteed to sooth troublesome skin issues.

How it's traditionally made

Our new method mimics the traditional ways and we have created a scientific process for making it more efficient to bring our product into your homes


Birch bark is sustainably harvested by peeling it off from living trees without harming them or from trees that have already naturally fallen or been cut.


We simulate the traditional Mi'kmaq campfire method, the bark undergoes a torrefaction process to extract its healing properties while maintaining its chemical potency.


The final extract is used to formulate naturally-derived ointments, creams and lotions you can trust to work magic on the toughest skin issues.

Our Products


All-over care. Our PH-optimized formula ensures your skin stays hydrated and protected.

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Birch bark soap

A convenient curative for your shower routine. 100% natural cleanser that works on tough and hard-to-reach skin issues.

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Birch bark Ointment

Extra strength when you need it. Great for acute issues, like stubborn eczema or itch.

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Indigenous Owned

Ethically commercialized with Indigenous leadership

Clean Ingredients

A naturally-derived product with good-for-skin formulas

Scientific Processes

Indigenous wisdom augmented with scientific know-how

Added Social Benefit

We give back to the Mi'kmaw community

Discover the benefits for your skin

soothes and helps the body heal

Reduces redness & itch

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