Birch Bark Cream

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Our Birch Bark Cream is the flagship products of Maskwiomin! Each cream contains our special birch bark extract ingredient that makes our product special for the skin. Our creams are excellent for sensitive skin and constant flare-ups caused by common skin conditions. The birch bark cream soaks deep into the skin and allows the traditional Mi’kmaw skin remedy to work. Birch bark extract helps to stimulate new collagen growth, soothe the skin, and balance skin tone over time.

Choose from one of our five invigorating scents with unique benefits:

Original - Our original cream has a smoky smell.

Lavender - This cream has a smoky smell with lavender. It can heal and prevent acne breakouts, kill bacteria, reduce redness, and has anti-inflammatory properties while making you smell great!

Sweet Grass - Sweet grass soothes dry and cracked skin, and when mixed with our extract, it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and will help prevent infections. It is used as a scent to create a sense of calm, concentration, mindfulness, and serenity.

Sweet Birch - Birch essential oil has many health benefits. It is an anti-inflammatory agent that can fight bacterial and fungal infections. Regular use can reduce wrinkles, skin sagging, and lower fevers by promoting sweating and reducing joint and muscle pains.

Lemongrass - Lemongrass has a strong citrus scent, which pairs delightfully with birch bark extract. Lemongrass has antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties and is a natural pain reliever, great for arthritis.

For best results, apply a thin layer to damaged skin areas daily or as needed. 


Our Birch Bark Cream is made with certified premium and all-natural ingredients. The birch bark extract is mixed with shea butter to provide a satisfying moisturizing process without leaving behind an oily feeling. All scents are sourced from premium quality and environmentally friendly sources and are certified.


If our products don't satisfy you for any reason, send us an email within 30 days of delivery and we'll fully refund your purchase.


Made In Unama'ki/ Cape Breton Canada

Sustainable Practices

Maskwiomin uses the Mi'kmaq principle Netukulimk as the foundation of our ecological and sustainable products. We harvest birch bark for our products in the traditional, Indigenous and eco-conscious way, use recyclable containers, and create small, hand-crafted batches to minimize unnecessary waste. 

Clean Ingredients

We source our ingredients from trusted, certified Canadian vendors and use only high-quality, non-toxic, natural ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and canola oil. We ensure all our products are exclusively vegan, contain no animal products, and are never tested on animals.

Social Impact Business

Ethical commercialization is our mission. Before creating Maskwiomin products, the community of Membertou challenged us to "commercialize the right way, the good way, and so that the community benefits”. We’re proud to do that by sharing the invaluable knowledge of the Mi’kmaq people with the world.


Excellent product! I purchased this when I was home in Cape Breton in August and was lucky enough to learn about this amazing does wonders for any skin itch, redness, dryness, any sort of irritation and only a small amount is needed. I highly recommend trying it!


I only was able to wash my face with water for 30 years as my skin is so sensitive. Since using Maskwiomin, my skin is better than ever and it feels so soft and clean. I feel like a new person!


I have psoriasis on my legs and it itches 24/7. I used Maskwiomin cream and the soap and my itching finally stopped. My skin looks pink again and feels great


I love using the Maskwiomin soap on my face. My sensitives skin says ahhhhhh and it feels so clean and free. I also love the lemongrass scented cream


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