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Maskwiomin - The Power of Birch Bark

Maskwiomin (pronounced: ma•skwi•omin) is a traditional Mi’kmaq skincare remedy based on the natural power of birch. Birch bark (maskwi in Mi’kmaw language) is carefully processed in a campfire method to obtain a powerful and concentrated oily extract (omin means oil in Mi’kmaw language). The birch bark extract has excellent natural properties for sensitive skin and other skin conditions to improve the skin. People using maskwiomin described their skin feeling much better and sometimes in 24 h. Maskwiomin products are only used for external uses.


“I only was able to wash my face with water for 30 years as my skin is so sensitive. Since using Maskwiomin, my skin is better than ever and it feels so soft and clean. I feel like a new person!”

Karen (53).

“I have psoriasis on my legs and it itches 24/7. I used Maskwiomin cream and the soap and my itching finally stopped. My skin looks pink again and feels great.”

Paul (62).

“I love using the Maskwiomin soap on my face. My sensitives skin says ahhhhhh and it feels so clean and free. I also love the lemongrass scented cream.”

Marybeth (36).