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Products that blend science and indigenous knowledge

Our sought-after birch bark extract formulations are rooted in thousands of years of traditional wisdom. Get relief for worried skin.

Our potent formulas target your stubborn skin concerns

Rigorously tested and developed in balance with nature. Shop our store to discover soaps, creams and ointments curated with natural ingredients and active birch bark compounds that heal and replenish.

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An indigenous-discovered, science-backed solution to repair eczema, psoriasis, itch and redness-prone skin

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Ultra-moisturizing Birch Bark Creams for hands, face and body


Gently exfoliating Birch Bark Soap for cleansing face and body

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Extra-strength Birch Bark Ointment for stubborn conditions


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Excellent product! I purchased this when I was home in Cape Breton in August and was lucky enough to learn about this amazing does wonders for any skin itch, redness, dryness, any sort of irritation and only a small amount is needed. I highly recommend trying it!


I only was able to wash my face with water for 30 years as my skin is so sensitive. Since using Maskwiomin, my skin is better than ever and it feels so soft and clean. I feel like a new person!


I have psoriasis on my legs and it itches 24/7. I used Maskwiomin cream and the soap and my itching finally stopped. My skin looks pink again and feels great


I love using the Maskwiomin soap on my face. My sensitives skin says ahhhhhh and it feels so clean and free. I also love the lemongrass scented cream



The Mi'kmaq have long known the secret to soothing worried skin. As Mi'kmaw legend goes, there was once a young woman, shunned and overlooked for her troubled skin. But a chance meeting with a fabled hunter, who saw only her pure heart and spirit, changed her life.

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chronicle herald

New Cape Breton skincare company harnesses power of birch bark

"Within a day of using the soap, the itching had completely stopped, and she saw an improvement in the inflammation. She’s been using the products daily for more than a year and says she is never without them."

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CBC News

Traditional Mi'kmaw medicine could become modern skin therapy

"We have great anecdotal evidence now," said Bierenstiel. "People [are] coming back to us and saying, 'I used it. My skin hasn't been better. My outbreak on the skin has been cleared up within a few days, almost miraculously'."

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